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Because so many municipalities are moving to ban the use of plastic grocery bags, it brings up the question, what are we supposed to use? We could go back to the old brown paper bags, but I can hear the environmentally conscious among us complaining about the need to cut more trees to keep up with the increased paper demands. The only other alternative is reusable cloth shopping bags.

Undoubtedly David G Duke and DGD media have you covered for great looking reusable tote bags. Through our network of stores we offer a wide variety of printed totes featuring photography, graphics, 3D digital art and text. We are certain we offer something for everyone! Even our abstraction collection offers some really unique tote bag designs.

You should note that many of our stores are going through some reconstruction, moving product from one store to another in order to better organize our plethora of product lines, and to make each store more user friendly. That being said all links on this page will always take you to the most up to date listing of totes for that store.

Nobody beats our network of stores for quality and selection!

Our Trash to Treasure division is getting in on the act as well. Soon we will be bringing you an assortment of hand crafted totes, hand bags, and other accessories created from fabric remnants, and recycled fabrics. The image at the bottom center of this page is a prototype of one of our upcoming tote designs. The recycled textiles we may use in these totes may be old clothing, home furnishings, and maybe even some reused upholstery fabrics. Think of this venture as double green, we are re-purposing old textiles, and giving you a greener alternative to paper or plastic. Also, remember that Trash to Treasure items made by David G Duke are hand crafted and one-of-a-kind or limited edition.

With so many options and styles of reusable bags available from David G Duke’s network of stores why would you need to go anywhere else? Check back often as our collections are always growing with new designs being added. Thank you for stopping by this page, we hope we can meet your reusable tote bag needs.

Play to Win Tote Bag 
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David G Fashion Totes

Pondering Tote Bag 
Digital Reality totes

Dreams and Dreamers Tote Bag 
Music Fan gere Tote Bags 
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