Night Wing Entertainment is the adults’ only division of DGD Media, our goal here is to do things a little differently than other adult film studios. Our primary production is our weekly (or so) talk and commentary production “Pillow Talk Weekends” a nude vlog formatted show featuring my thoughts, comments, rants and raves, on virtually every topic imaginable, mixed with some typical adult entertainment, music, and maybe even some life hacks. Episodes of “Pillow Talk Weekends” are archived here on this site and are hosted on our Porn Hub account. Our goal with this production is to create a pod cast that is both entertaining and informative; more information can be found on the shows archive page.

Night Wing Entertainment is also the home of my alter ego Night Creature 67, a nickname I started using on and has since spread to many other adult sites, and ventures. You can still find me on Chaturbate from time to time, broadcasting live, or checking out other cams. I am always interested in meeting new women to cam with on this platform, providing they live in the Madison County area of New York, and have a valid Chaturbate account. Contact me there or by email if you are interested.
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Our goal here at Night Wing is to create videos that are not only entertaining from an adult porn perspective, but from any perspective. I would like to combine my love for adult entertainment with my passion for music, and make music videos with an adult feel. As a pianist and composer I have many tracks recorded that I would like to make videos for, working with any interested models. Keep in mind however, this is a start up company and therefore money is a bit tight, as of the publishing of this web page, (September 7, 2020) we are getting a feel for who is interested in working with me, and what compensation they would require. If interested contact me via email, Skype (davidgduke), or on any of the platforms listed above. You may also check out my account on Sexy Jobs under the name David G.
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